'New' giant ape spotted

An elusive giant ape has been spotted in remote forests in central Africa, sparking theories that it could be a new species of primate - a finding that would be the most astonishing wildlife discovery in decades, New Scientist has said.

The British weekly says the mysterious creatures have been seen in forests around the towns of Bondo and Bili, in the far north of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

From the rare eyewitness sightings, bone discoveries and a video recording, the animals have large, black faces, are up to two metres tall and weigh between 85 and 102kg.


Anonymous said...

Oh please, not another Big Foot story....
This is either a man in a suit, or an animal that would like to be left alone. We've gone this long without actually knowing there is something out there, we can live longer. These sort of things make me sick.

Frank said...

I want to learn about this animal.