Corpse Smelling Plant finally BLOOMS for the first time

Behold, the giant Amorphophallus titanum, more commonly know as "titan arum." The plant, native to the tropical rainforests of Indonesia and Sumatra, blooms on an unpredictable schedule and the flower is well-known for smelling like rotting meat. This is the first time this plant has ever bloomed.


Osiris said...

GREAT! Now the Sumatran Rat-Monkey has escaped.

Dr Fong, it's time to put your Anti-Zombie plan #6655321 into action..... You know how to contact me if help is required.

Jesse said...

We recently had one of these things bloom here in Madison, Wis. Thing had a nasty stench, yet people flocked to it like a God Plant.
There is more on the plant over on this website