Ninja encounters on the rise

OK, here on this blog we try to give you the best in weird news from all around the web. Sometimes though, things happen at home that are weird enough to be included. I was walking by the library one day and out of nowhere ninjas started appearing and squaring off with each other. I think they were ready to fight any of the public foolish enough to get in the way. It must have been two of the local factions having some sort of ninja gang dispute. There were dozens of them there in broad daylight beating the hell out of each other. I crouched down behind a tree and was able to snap a few photos before it got too dangerous and I had to flee.


Osiris said...
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Doctor Fong said...

It will be a problem as long as bands of crazy ninjas are allowed to roam the streets unchecked

Of course, the problems get worse when the only ones around to check them are other bands of ninjas.