Phoneswarm 2005

This looks like lots of fun. They give you a phone number of a payphone and your supposed to call and talk to whoever answers. Weird, but could be fun... or lewd.

This week's payphone location: Ferry pier, Sausalito, California. This is a great location. People coming off the ferry are always going to be happy and carefree.

The ferry schedule indicates that the ferry will be arriving at the Sausalito pier at the following times:

M-F: 8:10am, 10:45am, 12:05pm, 1:25pm, 3:05pm, 4:35pm, 6:00pm, 7:10pm, 8:20pm.
Sat-Sun: 11:10am, 12:30pm, 1:55pm, 3:20pm, 4:45pm, 6:05pm, 7:00pm.

Those would probably be good times to call.

Phoneswarm 2005.