Unidentified Animal


Dr. Fong needs your help!

Please help me identify this animal. We recently discovered this photograph of an unknown animal. Is it a fox? The tail is weird... What could it be?

If you are looking for information about the unidentified animal found in Maine recently check here: Maine Mystery Beast


Kheperu said...

Thats my pet! I lost it a few months ago. Be careful approaching it, it has been altered at the genetic level to KILL! It's a freak fox.

Satan said...

My dearest Doctor Fong,

That would be the rare Blood Sucking Tibetan Terrier of Zanzibar. It is fiercely territorial and has a mating season of three minutes, which occurs every other February in a year ending in a prime number. It mainly feeds off of small Zanzibarian children. It likes Skittles, also.

It is one of my minions. Fear it if you dare.


Kheperu said...

SATAN is a liar! The great deceiver strikes again. This is my life's work! I geneticly altered a fox to crave human flesh. DON'T BUY INTO THE LIES OF SATAN!

Cryptofreak said...

This what happens when a greyhound and a fox get freaky in the woods

Cryptofreak said...

This what happens when a fox an greyhound fall in love