I was a mind-control slave of Joseph Mengele

Arizona Wilder is a celebrity in the Insane Reptile Conspiracy Community (IRCC). Arizona Wilder was ritually abused as part of her indoctrination into the reptile underworld. This included trips to Moscow as a young child, where she was immersed in cold water to bring on near-death experiences which would awaken her latent psychic abilities, and her chief handler was Nazi scientist Joseph Mengele.

"These creatures who rule our planet can't enter our dimension on their own; they need to be anchored here with a sacrifice, and need adrenalchrome to keep them in human form. This chemical only comes into the blood when the victim has been tortured and traumatized - Arizona's job was to preside over the ceremonies and act as a conduit for the reptilians."

Raising Arizona Wilder


Osiris said...

I just want to let it be known that I totally discount the story of Arizona Wilder. Anyone taken by the Reptile-Humanoids has never escaped alive, and this is obviously another attempt to lump the more rational anti-Reptile-Humanoid people into the same stereotypical role of the complete paranoid psycho.

Good job, Chris, but pulling the wool over Dr. Fongs eyes and pulling the wool over MY eyes are two entirely different things!


Dr. Fong said...

"her facts were either regularly wrong, or so full of spin that she was hardly credible."

"The most charitable explanation is that she was indeed abused horribly as a child, and her psyche has latched on to Icke's reptilians as a way to rationalise her suffering."

The guy who wrote the original article seems to agree with you. I agree to! Except that there was no wool pulling whatsoever. Why do you think I gave her the wacky foil helmet, even after exposing that foil helmets do nothing to protect one from various mind-control rays during an earlier post.

Osiris said...

I stand by my original comment. While I do agree that she is quite insane (or a Reptile-Humanoid), the attempt to discredit her also helps to discredit others who know the TRUE story of the Reptile-Humanoids and that is where the wool begins to be applied to your eyes. I don't blame you though. Like almost every attempt to discredit anti-Reptile-Humanoid warriors, I blame Chris. :-)

Chris said...

A good friend of mine- incidentally the guy who first told me about the reptile theory- once read this book, "The Trance-Formation of America" a similar account by Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien, referenced in the article you linked.

Even at the time, when he would still talk about the theory that Bush and co. planned 9/11, he'd say, "this book is so fucked up and wrong I can hardly bring myself to read it," referring to the various account of rape and other horrible assaults by many famous Republican politicians and others.

He added, "but on the other hand, I have to say, books like this prove that we really do have freedom of speech in this country."

james PocklingtonYMD=#295826:FIDA#300204:FHVA# said...

there is no mention of dr mengele ever having someone like this in all the diaries official papers or witness testimonies,
even the secret papers in the G R U archives or in south america
i think its bollox

Marie said...

Just watched the first half of Revelations of a Mother Goddess and doubt if I will watch disc 2. This makes interesting material for a new sci fi, or horror film, don't you think? Something traumatic happened to this woman, because her mind has been damaged. As was Mr. Icke. Remember his encounter with the voice speaking to him in Peru after he partook of the hypnotic plant?
I feel sorry for her , actually both of them ..or should I??? Maybe, it should be the other way round..when they are depositing their money in the evil banks???
God help them!

Dr. Fong said...

Yeah, these people believe this is REAL. I don't know what kind of trauma it takes for ideas like these to start making sense. I hope I never know. Though I have been spoken to by plants on a couple of occasions. SPOKEN to, like voice in your head that isn't you. But that is another story.