Inside Bohemian Grove!

This is a collection of the best pictures I have ever seen from inside the Bohemian Grove. The giant rock in the middle of the picture above is not real. It is made of plaster and was created as a place to do strange rituals deep in the forest. It is called "the owl" and some people say that bizarre sacrifices take place at its base each year.



Osiris said...

Hey, thats not the name anymore. It's now been renamed "Beatnik Plantation".
The elite 'Homo Reptilius' that used the area for ritual sacrifice have found a more remote location for their evil deeds.

Chris said...

Thanks for the link- those are some great photos!

I always find it funny the disconnect between how different people know of and think of Bohemian Grove. I just wrote an article in my blog about it.

I live in Northern California; most of my friends' parents have heard of it and are aware of it as an elite club for the rich and powerful (though weren't familiar with the giant owl and ritual of mock human sacrifice) and I've met several people who have attended. A good friend of mine has also received an invitation to attend next year as a guest. My point being here that a lot of poeple are aware of it, and while some people are opposed to it (as being an insular, sexist club in which only the elite are allowed) they don't consider it to be an especially "weird" thing to be going on... well, at least not any weirder than, say, Burning Man.

Meanwhile, on the Internet, comspiracy theories and tales of intrigue abound.

As for what's "really" going on there, from what I have heard, any verbal description can't really do it justice. (Incidentally, another thing you could say about Burning Man.)

Osiris said...

We know what your agenda is, Chris. Don't try to downplay what went on at the former Bohemian Grove by comparing it to Burning Man.

Your words speakth deceit.

I recognize you. I know what you are. Do not think for one second you can pull the wool over our eyes and blend in.

You and your kin may believe you can fool anyone, get away with anything. That may have been true up until this point, but no longer will you have free reign over us.

Your days are numbered, enjoy them while they last.....

Dr. Fong said...

Whoa, just because Chris MAY be a reptile trying to keep us away from the truth, doesn't mean that he IS. I love the idea of thinking there may be horrible occult secrets hidden in those dark woods. The 30 foot stone owl and strange rituals are real. What they really represent is the interesting place were reality blurs into fiction.

Chris said...

Haha... well I'm honored to have received my first accusation of being part of the great global conspiracy. In response I'd like to quote Robert Anton Wilson and say "I never deny that [I'm involved with the Illuminati] because the Illuminati control the banking system, and so the more people that believe I'm part of the Illuminati, the better my credit ranking gets!"

By the way Osiris, by merely reading my words you have already downloaded into your mind the Final Thought Virus from Planet X! Resistance is futile, from this point forward, everything you do or say will serve to further our aims, completely against your will! Only daily self-administered enemas for seven weeks can cleanse you of our evil, a remedy for which low humans like yourself lack the conviction to undergo!

Agreed Dr. Fong. It's pretty mysterious stuff out there in the woods.

Osiris said...

Very nice! We finally have a blog with decent comments on it!

Chris, by no means did I intend to "honor" you in any way. I don't believe you are actively involved in the goings on at Bohemian Grove or whatever the new location is being called these days.

No, I think you are attempting (to no avail, I'm afraid) to work your way up the ranks, and are simply a glorified Public Relations Disinformation Worker. They will never accept you as a true elite, but they will use you to further their goals. It is also quite possible that some day even you will be offered as a sacrifice.

Keep up the good work, as you have obviously realized, everyone enjoys a nice pre-packaged quote when they can't think of a good enough lie to cover their tracks.

Final Thought Virus, eh? I have already been infected by the "virus" of Sound Mind, so that trumps any attempt to convince me I need 49 enemas to wash away the filth and corruption of your lies.