Hallucinogenic tea - UPDATE!

Dr. Fong Say:

I reported back in November that Bush was trying to stop a small congregation from drinking water infused with DMT in order to "talk to God." Well, it's all over and it has been decided they can drink it even though it contains a schedule 1 substance.

"Chief Justice John Roberts said that the Bush administration had not met its burden under a federal religious freedom law to show that it could ban "the sect's sincere religious practice."

"The chief justice had also been skeptical of the government's position in the case last fall, suggesting that the administration was demanding too much, a "zero tolerance approach."

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Osiris said...

This doesn't really change anything. It is still illegal for almost everyone in the USA to attempt to make this tea. If caught you will be arrested. I have also noticed that many ethnobotanical suppliers have stopped selling the plants needed to make the tea. I'm not really sure if the actual plants are illegal yet, but they will be.

Juan the Chamula said...

Though this is only a small step toward the goal of legalizing nonaddictived hallucinogenic drugs, it still comes as a welcomed suprise. Chief Justice Roberts, a conservative placed on the court by George Bush and the Republican controled legislator, should be commended for his forward thinking. Hopefully his views concerning abortion, civil rights, and freedom of information are equally progressive.

Osiris said...

Ohh please. I admit it is a surprise, but this has absolutely zero importance for anyone other than the select few it directly impacts. It will not help anyone other than them. It is in no way a step towards legalizing anything. I don't know why you would welcome this unless you are one of the few people directly impacted by the ruling. If you are not, you are basically being told that they can legally use this tea but you cannot. How is that welcomed? Is this really forward thinking or is it a smokescreen being used to imply he isn't 100% out of touch with reality like the rest of the administration is? If that is its purpose, I guess it worked, on you at least!

Reverend Nutmeg said...

All drugs should be legal, as should suicide. Some say drugs are suicide. I only agree with that statement some of the time.