"How I stalked my girlfriend"

Dr. Fong Say:

This is nuts! It is so easy to phycically track someone if you can get access to their cellphone for a while. This is a great read for anyone interested in the security of cellular phones.

"For the past week I've been tracking my girlfriend through her mobile phone. I can see exactly where she is, at any time of day or night, within 150 yards, as long as her phone is on. It has been very interesting to find out about her day."

"On the website a map appears of the area in which we live, with a person-shaped blob in the middle, roughly 100 yards from our home. There is no trace of what I'm doing on her phone."

Link to the original article


Mr Peeves said...

Why would you be that over protective of your wife? Quite honestly, such technology at this point becomes too much technology when it allows obessive people to track every movement of their lover.

Sad. Very Sad.

Dr. Fong said...

Well, this was just an experiment in tracking someone using their cell phone. He wasn't doing it to track her, he was doing it to show that it could be done and that it's very easy.

Osiris said...

Everyone should track their wife or girlfriend EVERYDAY. You can't trust them, they are all potential whores.....