MTV seeks cryptozoology hosts!

Dr. Fong Say:

Well, I think that I'm an obvious choice to host this show! Who knows more of Mothman's secrets than I do? Who can perform the mating call of the Pacific Northwest's Bigfoot? Who will chase the Northern Michigan Dogman back to his lair and expose him for all to see? Dr. Fong will! Choose me MTV!

"We are looking for two young Crypto enthusiasts, 18 and older, to host an upcoming fun, hip, and off the wall series that looks inside the world of cryptozoology, creatures, legends, and the people who investigate them. the hosts should be really into cryptozoology, and have an interest or even borderline obsession with undiscovered creatures, mythical beasts, and unclassified species. You should have a unique personality and be comfortable in front of a camera."

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Osiris said...

Please Dr. Fong, you are anything BUT fun, hip and off the wall! They obviously want someone more like me..... Give it up.

Dr. Fong said...

Whoa now! I can be hip! I would, of course, need a beautiful sidekick to help me remember to take my pills. But other than that I think I would do a fine job.