6-legged lamb born

Dr. Fong Say:

I'm rooting for you little guy! Just keep on keeping on.

"A lamb with six legs, four in front and two at the back, has been born on a farm in Belgium, the news agency Belga reported today.

The lamb cannot walk and has to be specially fed.

A veterinary surgeon who examined it was reported as saying he would consider amputating the two superfluous legs to give the animal a normal existence if it managed to survive beyond a week."

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Alex said...

AWWWW... go little guy, go!

Reverend Nutmeg said...

While reading this article, I was confused by a word that I did not know the definition. The word was superfluous. After researching the word through Websters dictionary. I concluded that superfluous means excessive and often useless, just like my penis. Minus the excessive part. Just useless.