Dead Birds Linked With Satanic Rituals?

"N.J. state police are bringing in an occult expert to investigate after Jersey Shore residents in Egg Harbor Township found eight large birds decapitated and lined up on the beach. Residents are concerned because it's not the first time it's happened. The disturbing discovery was made in Atlantic County.

What neighbors saw on the beach was not an act of nature -- eight large birds with their heads removed. The carcasses were laid out in a line, all of them facing the same direction.

Marybeth Bennett rescues injured birds. She said this is the second case of apparent animal sacrifice in the last 15 months.
"This all has to be looked into and it has to be stopped. It cannot be a repeat thing that happens every year," Bennett said.
"It makes you wonder is there a group of people who get kicks out of doing these type of things? And if so, we're a little concerned," said Dan Conway, who found the decapitated birds.

The dead birds were found near the site of an old mansion known as a haven for satanic rituals."

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Reverend Nutmeg said...

Dear Dr. Fong, the mansion looks very creepy. I also beleive it may be a breeding ground for homosexuality. I wonder if Type O Negative has ever played a show there? Also I would like to querry if any senators or congressmen have links to this mansion? The mansion is a haven of moral sickness. Is the mansion owned? If so, what ties do owners have with big government? Please respond as soon as possible.