Dr. Fong is back!

What an amazing week I have had! I have been traveling around the country searching for weird news for the blog. I have quite a few things to report over the next week. Although there have been some blogging shenanigans while I was out, the weird news should start flowing fast and furious now that I'm back. There is also an update on our mysterious tunnel expedition in the works, so stay tuned.


Osiris said...

Dr. Fong is back! I told you he wasn't dead! Well, first I did, then retracted my statement. WHACKY, huh?

Reverend Nutmeg said...

To my dear old chap Dr. Fong,
After first hearing of your death, I wept. I wrote you a beautiful eulogy, that I know you would truly enjoy, had you not been dead. However you were not really dead, so therefor the eulogy I wrote you did not enjoy, because you were alive. It was all very confusing. Any who be doo, welcome back.

Osiris said...

Dr. Fong told me to fake his death to determine who his true friends were. When Dr. Fong goes away, things get a bit frantic here.