Grey Aliens and your NEED to submit

Osiris Says:
Have questions? Ask Osiris in the comments section! I am the spokesman after all!

For decades we have been hearing about alien creatures (no, not the ones from other countries, that's needs to go to a political blog not this one). Like everything in life, some people have believed and some have doubted. Well, I , Osiris am here to WARN you to believe. Not only believe but work with the Greys in the colonization of planet Earth. I have been visited countless times by these beings and their technology is simply ASTOUNDING.

The days of the probing and experiments is over, I haven't been told an exact date, but the Grey are coming for good. They have created Human-Alien hybrids to be able to survive on the harsh planet Earth, these hybrids will be indistinguishable from a regular human. The hybrids, though will have the ability to read your thoughts and implant thoughts into your mind.

Nothing can stop this, I have made a deal with the Greys by agreeing to be their spokesman. This is not really a bad thing. All life-forms must evolve or die. This is our next step in evolution. What of the Reptile-Humanoid, then? The Reptile Humanoid is on it's last legs as a species, and is resorting to lame public relations to attempt to save itself. The plain fact is, the Reptile-Humanoid will have to flee to escape destruction. Period. End of story.


Dr. Fong said...

But... I don't want an implant.

Osiris said...

Dr. Fong, you know of the new information I gathered on the Grey.

Anonymous said...

That kid ate too much Holloween
candy either/or looked at Britney
Spears picture.

Anonymous said...

if only you knew the true intent of these beings you speak so fondly you are nothing but children to them!

Anonymous said...

Aliens are reading my Thoughts? D: