Guatemalan UFO Footage

Dr. Fong Say:

Now, I am no video expert, but this footage looks pretty good. Some of the best I've seen.

This clip was found on Google Video with the description:

"UFO seen over Guatemala City in 2004, over the cultural disctrit 4° Norte, it was cloudy, and the ufo seem to appear from the clouds and shoots to the sky at incredible speed."


Reverend Nutmeg said...

Whats an underfunded flying object? I could not watch the video because I am on a very slow dial up connection.

alex said...

I kind of looked like a frisby, but obviously wasn't... very messed up. and as far as i'm concerned, it was a little too low to be a "UFO". if it was that low, one would think that it would have landed

Anonymous said...

WOW man! If you really use your
imagination you can almost see an
alien waveing out of one of the portholes. ........................OH, I'm sorry man! It was just a
fly on my screen.