House of Cosbys - Episode 1

Dr. Fong Say:

Theooooooo! Rudddddy!
This cartoon is really funny, you see.

This short cartoon is episode 1 of House of Cosbys - "A cautionary tale about cloning Bill Cosby." They get kinda... weird after the first 5 clones.

I guess the guy who wrote it has been bothered by Bill Cosby's lawyers and asked to take the movie down. So here it is.


Juan the Chamula said...

Good Doctor,

Greetings from Gladwin High School! While all my little Chamulas read, I take this time to thank you. Most of what you write about here challanges my beliefs and forces me to expand my prespective on the nature of the universe. But this post Doctor, this post made me laugh. Cosby has the power to raise spirits and make the suffering that is life bearable. It was just the medicine I needed today.

Thank you doctor.

Dr. Fong said...

Thank you Juan, for the nice words. Using my mighty soothsaying powers I can, within an 85% probability, predict that Cosby will one day be worshipped as a god. These small worshippers will make huge wicker Cosby heads and carry them through the streets of Neo-Oaxaca-3000.