New Game "Spore" Looks Amazing

Dr. Fong Say:

This new game from Maxis looks so cool! You get to evolve an entire galaxy beginning at the cellular level. Check out the video.

"Will Wright talking at the 2005 Game Developer's Conference about 'Spore', which looks like it could possibly be the best video game ever."

SPORE Official Website


Gizmo said...

I just ordered a new computer so i will be able to play this game. This is gonna be sweet.

Osiris said...

I just changed my boxers so I can be wearing a clean pair after I soiled them when I saw how fricken' sweet this game is gonna be!!!!


You are all more interested in fucking video games than the mysterious unfolding of events that will lead to your doom aren't you?

Ohh shit, I said DOOM and got you thinking back to that old video game......

Dr. Fong said...


I don't think you understand what an interesting concept this game is. The ability to run an entire galaxy from the cellular level would be an interesting thing indeed. It is as close to playing god as we have gotten. Although it is just playing I thought it deserved a mention.