Rabid Guinea Pigs on the Loose

Dr. Fong Says:
In a discussion about rabies the question of a rabid guinea pig came up. Was this possible? Well a quick search later I found this story.

Bitten on the clavicle eh? If a guinea pig bit my clavicle there wouldn't be enough of the pig left to test for rabies.

"The rabid guinea pig is an unusually rare occurrence. The guinea pig was a pet of a resident of Madison County. While being allowed to exercise in a backyard during daylight hours the rodent was attacked by a raccoon. The owner heard the pet squeal and as she approached, the raccoon ran off. There were no visible wounds on the pet."

"Twenty six days later the owner was bitten on the clavicle while holding the pet. Because rabies was originally not suspected, an additional eight days elapsed before the pet was euthanized and submitted for testing. The positive diagnosis was confirmed by isolation of the virus in cell culture and antigenic typing. The variant was identified as the raccoon strain of rabies virus. Further analysis of the distribution of rabies virus in the organs of the guinea pig revealed extensive proliferation of the virus into many areas of the body, including the salivary glands. The owner received rabies prophylaxis."


Osiris said...

Anyone with a pet Guinea Pig is a FOOL and should die of rabies! Guinea Pigs are good for one thing and one thing only, Medical testing. Otherwise they are just rats, filthy disgusting RATS.

thomas said...

what a stupid statement. by the way, why don't you offer yourself for those testings. do you?

Dr. Fong said...



Osiris said...

Ooooooo, SNAP!

I don't offer myself for medical testing when we have perfectly good Guinea Pigs!!

Guinea Pigs are nothing but RATS and should be treated as such.

Osiris said...

Hey, Thomas, I just shaved the back of a Guinea Pig and placed 10 drops of 14pH NaOH on it, just for kicks. Boy did it thrash about!

Osiris said...

Hey, Thomas, we need Guinea Pigs to test medications on. Above that, though, I need their soft fur to rub my crank on. Yea it gets me off. Also I won't get bit cause they have been tortured to death before I molest them.

What you think of that you filthy hippie?

You gonna stop me? No. Just bitch and moan.

Reverend Nutmeg said...

Oh snap, I been gone so long.

Let me just state that rats and their ilk are ever so evil. I hate them varmints so. Vermin is such a befiting name for them rodents.

I used to eat squirrell while growing up in Arkansas.

Milo said...

Eh...I just like my rat..though she bit me on the nose and I was in the bathroom for over an Hour... rat bites hurt...Luckily she had no rabies :D