Terence Mckenna Audio Archive

Oh Terence, it has been so long. Your archive has been down for quite some time and just came back. Oh joy. Countless megabytes of Terence Mckenna lectures and interviews in mp3 format for your downloading pleasure.

Doctor Fong's prescription for the day: Go here and download at least 100 megabytes of Terence and listen to it. This guy will BLOW YOUR MIND! I recommend "the Tree of Knowlege" 1-8.

Link to everything Terence ever said.

Update: A lot of this is no longer available. If you happen to see these posted somewhere else please let us know about it in the comments and we can update the link.


Osiris said...

Terence didn't really die of cancer, he died of Rabies from a Guinea Pig bite. That was covered up by THE MAN. Far out, eh?

Dr. Fong said...

This link is no longer as agood as it used to be. I'm going to try to find a better archive.

Cyberfury said...

Here is the complete archive in one big Torrent file.


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