When Flesh-Eating Subterranean Monsters Attack

Dr. Fong Say:

Subterranean beings, huh Drew? Sounds like C.H.U.D. to me. That's Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground
Has anyone but me ever seen that movie? I have it on VHS. Total Classic!

"A California man facing life in prison for crashing his car into a UPS truck will not dispute that his actions resulted in the death of the driver when his trial opens Monday in Nevada County Superior Court."

"Instead, Scott Krause's defense will argue that the defendant believed he was trying to escape man-eating subterranean beings when he ran into Drew Reynolds' truck on Jan. 6, 2004."

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Reverend Nutmeg said...

That movie looks very scary. Another terrifying movie is the comedy "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Starring Don Knots. R.I.P.