Mysterious Jesus Roots Discovered

Dr. Fong Says:
Of all the Jesus shaped things I have seen this one look spretty good. Why Jesus would choose to manifest himself as a cluster of roots is another question all together.

"A gardener had a revelation when he dug up his asparagus plant and saw the face of Jesus."

"Martin Gregory was enjoying his Sunday morning gardening when he noticed something quite different about one of his asparagus ferns he removed from a pot."

"As the 52-year-old laid the 30-inch plant on the grass the sun shone down on the roots and revealed the face of Jesus to him."

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What is this, some sort of freak-out?

Albert Hoffman's LSD Bike Ride

This is a video done to commemorate the 100th birthday of Albert Hoffman, the creator of LSD. It tells the strange tale of his bicycle ride home after taking 250 micrograms of LSD.