Between the Spaces We Know: Salvia Divinorum

Juan the Chamula:

"It began with huge rips from an interestingly colored pipe. My next thought was "my God, I've been poisoned! They are trying to kill me." Then, even that was gone as my world exploded into thousands of pieces of bejeweled insanity."

"I would say that my body was being torn to pieces, but there was no "I" left to have a body. There was only what was happening and words fail to describe it properly."

"Then the visions came. Strange wraith-like entities swooping and howling from all directions. It was like these things were trying to tell me something, but by the time I tried to listen they had already flown past. By the next swoop, I had forgotten that I had been trying to understand them until it was gone. This happened many times."

Salvia Divinorum Vaults


Reverend Nutmeg said...

Dear Dr. Fong. Forgive my long absence. I fell in love with alcoholic intoxicants, spending all my spare change. From now on however, I will dilligently send my money to my mother, to have her take care of the bills. I just cannot be roped into any sort of responsiblity role.

I do have a question for you doctor. Maybe you could yield some sort of advice.

My girlfriend just broke up with me last week. I finally got around to begging her back. She agreed, and upon inspection of her beaver I noticed it was freshly shaved. But she had let her bush go for two months before this week that she shaved it. I searched her email for clues but found no relavency. Can U Help?

Dr. Fong said...

Very strange indeed... I'm not quite sure I understand the question. Though this is not my normal area of expertise maybe I can be of some help if you are able to rephrase.

Osiris said...

I am the person to ask in these situations.

First of all, start drinking again. I'll tell you why. Your "girlfriends" beaver condition can mean only one thing, she had been cheating on you.

This really has nothing to do with Salvia and its usage, but you sound like you are quite in need of help, so I will give it a shot.

Your girfriend is a whore. I'm sorry I can't put that in nicer terms, facts are facts. You don't need her, nor do you need to support your deadbeat mother. Drink until you can't feel anything but a blind rage and savagely beat this girlfriend for cheating on you and possibly giving you the VD.

Back on topic, Salvia is an interesting substance to give a try, it is NOT something you get addicted to or even want to use that often, but it is unlike any other substance known (Salvinorin compounds contained in the leaf).

Not to be used by the weak minded, but not in any way a threat to society.

Advice said...

Just leave her and stop drinking.