Esoteric Order of Dagon Vows Revenge

Elias Marsh Says:
"You can't hide forever Osiris! We will find you and stop you."

In a shocking new document discovered today, the Esoteric Order of Dagon (EOD) has condemned research being done by our very own Osiris and vowed revenge.

"We of the Order have worked very hard to please the Deep-Ones, going so far as offering the wombs of our women to carry their fishy offspring.
He publicly admits to killing one Deep-One and holding two more in custody. He seems to be working on some sort of poison to use against the Deep-Ones. We cannot allow his research to continue."

"We don't know very much about the man calling himself "Osiris", but we believe he may be operating out of somewhere on the eastern coast of the United States as this is where the Deep-Ones reported the disappearance of three of their kind early yesturday."

"Despite not knowing much about him, we of the Order have vowed to not rest until Osiris is dead and his research has been destroyed. This is a call to all EOD members around the world: KILL OSIRIS! He must be stopped at any cost!"


Osiris said...

This is EXACTY the sort of thing I wanted. When all the species-traitors and Deep-One enablers come out of the woodwork, I know I'm getting close. The "Esoteric Order of Dagon' as they call themselves are terrified. The have no doubt witnessed the destruction of the Reptile-Humanoids and now fear for their saftey and the safety of their Deep-One Masters.

Elias, in aiding the Deep-One menace you have sealed your own fate. You will be destroyed and the "Esoteric Order of Dagon" reduced to something somebody uses in their make-believe Role Playing Games.

By the way, have you placed a bounty on my head? It seems important that I be stopped, why not hire someone competent?

Osiris said...

How is the once "great" city of Y'ha-nthlei? Reducd to rubble and my toxin is making short work of the survivors of the initial blasts.

This was an attack on the Deep-Ones, do not make the mistake you are immune from attack. You just won't know where or when.

You will pay dearly.