Freshly Caught Deep Ones Blame Cthulhu for Grisly Sacrifices

Dr. Fong Says:
"This is getting pretty ridiculous. "

The seven Deep-Ones caught earlier today have some pretty interesting things to say about the motivations behind their crimes. They are claiming that they were being forced to do such horrible things by Cthulhu, a terrible and ancient god of the Deep-Ones.

One Deep-One croaked, "It isn't our fault. We didn't want all those people sacrificed. It was Cthulhu! Why should we be exterminated for something we were forced to do? We are slaves to his will!"


Osiris said...

"This is getting pretty ridiculous"

You said a mouthfull there, Dr. Fong, Obviously this is a tactic by the Esoteric Order of Dagon to discredit my work. The seven specimens captured in the undersea raid were killed in my efforts to find a suitable way of destroying all of the Deep-Ones.

This diversionary tactic WILL NOT stop me in my work. I will destroy every Deep-One and Deep-One enabler, no matter how long it takes.

Frankly, I am disturbed you would post such a blatent effort to discredit me!

Dr. Fong said...

"blatent effort to discredit me"

Now, this was posted because things have become entirely to serious around here as of late. I miss the days of speculating about the dogman or the Alabama Leprechaun and being able to laugh.

There has been too much dark plotting and not enough examination. We haven't even thought about these creatures motivations for doing what they do. Maybe they are just trying to survive. I think we are jumping the gun on talking about a full-fledged genocide. We don't even have all the facts yet.

Osiris said...

The Deep-Ones are serious business! The are a major threat to humanity, thus they will be destroyed.

I see you may be attempting to get the message of both sides in the open, but they are liars and murders.

If, say, they were under control of some outside force, yet still trying to kill you, wouldn't you have the right to destroy them? That's my thinking, anyway.

Trust me, if these "Gods" do exist, we will find them and deal with them. Of course you are aware that will be much more difficult than the elimination of the Deep-Ones.

Fisheater said...

I agree Dr Fong was out of line to post disinformation like this. Keep up the good work, Osiris!