The Growing Danger of the Deep-Ones

Osiris Says:

The Deep-Ones are a race of undersea dwelling humanoids that can surface for weeks at a time. They worship, the undersea Gods, Dagon and Cthulhu and inhabit the underwater city Y'ha-nthlei.

They convert humans into Deep-Ones by "Sexual-Spore Spawning" perpetrated against the young. The transformation usually occurs when the individual reaches middle age. As the hybrid gets older, he or she begins to take on more and more attributes of the Deep-One race: The ears shrink, the eyes bulge and become unblinking, the head narrows and gradually goes bald, the skin becomes scabrous as it changes into scales, and the neck develops folds which later become gills. When the hybrid becomes too obviously non-human, it is hidden away from outsiders.

People who are unfortunate enough to travel in the area where the Deep-Ones frequent are usually eaten alive and remaining body parts used as fertilizer for the Deep-One Kelp Forests.

Those who live near the oceans of the world are at the greatest risk of attack. I am working tirelessly night and day to engineer a virus or organism that can destroy the Deep-One menace.

We at Dr. Fong's House of Mystery will keep you apprised of the situation as it progresses.


Dr. Fong said...

This is a serious threat! There will be much more information coming soon. We have just cracked the surface with these horrible monsters.

Memphis said...

As I mentioned over at Crypt Hunter they are repelled by some symbol of the old ones that resembles a swastika. So you may wish to turn your attention to that. It's said that they are the children of Dagon and Hydra and all records indicate that they indeed are immortal but able to be killed via acts of violence.

I'd suggest following up on the Innsmouth documentation circa 1928 as well as watching season 2 of the delightful Digimon!

Osiris said...

First off, as I mentioned before my comments were deleted from Crypt Hunter in a fit of rage, that symbol is pure myth. Any investigation of the Dr Fong blog will show exactly how I killed off the majority of deep ones. It is obvious by my off and on arguments with Dr Fong that I do not speak for the blog as a whole, he only allows me to stay around with VERY limited control because I have produced results in the past.

Back to the subject of the deep ones. They are making an incredible comeback, probably aided by the renewed Esoteric Order of Dagon. I have not been able to figure out who the new leader of the EOD is, which is the reason I am skeptical of anyone I do not know personally. Both the deep ones and the EOD are great dangers to humankind, and it seems I must come out of retirement to battle them once again...