Reptile-Humanoid Threat Eliminated

Osiris Says:


Many months ago we at Dr. Fongs House of Mysteries reported to you the danger of the hideous Reptile-Humanoid. Some of you accepted the fact, many thought us to be insane. Regardless of what you thought, the Reptile-Humanoid threat has been eliminated.

This public service of terminating the creatures hell-bent on Human Genocide was accomplished slightly ahead of schedule and worked out as near to perfect as could be expected.

The horrendous Reptile-Humanoids were destroyed by a Genetically Engineered Virus that attacked certain portions of their DNA. This resulted in a fairly quick yet painful death, followed by the Reptile-Humanoids dissolving into a thick, green sludge.

That is the good news. We have have uncovered a new threat to humanity, one that I am positive I can overcome for the sake of humanity, but it may take a little time and I'm afraid that human lives will be lost in the meantime.


The clear and present danger to humanity now are the Deep-Ones. They are rising from the depths of our oceans at an alarming rate to eat the flesh of the human population. I have obtained several specimens for further study and I am confident that I will be able to manufacture a virus to destroy their kind as well.

More information as it becomes available.


Rear Admiral Bailey said...

Thank god the Reptile-Humanoids are finally gone! Their reign over this planet has been long and cruel. I am worried about these "Deep-Ones" because I have never heard of them before and am totally unsure of how to fight them. Please keep us updated about ways we can battle them and their kind.

Osiris said...

I have a special update coming soon regarding the Deep-Ones and how they may be destroyed. Dr. Fong is taking his sweet time posting updates, but I assure I am working on the problem of the Deep-Ones.

Anonymous said...

Takes me back to what it was like
to make love to my ex-wife way back

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry i'm new to the fact there is alien life forms out there.but for you to sit there and type that you are the one that killed the reptile-humaniods get real

Anonymous said...

Dr.fong is the Reptile-humanoids really been eliminated.

Dr. Fong said...

Excuse me, but if you are new to this subject then who are you to make any kind of claims? We are trained professionals in the art of speculation and made up facts. Don't try this at home!

The reptile-humanoids have been silent for quite a while. I don't know if they are gone forever or If they where weakened so badly by Osiris that they have gone into hiding.

Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

dr fong, why are you telling us about it in letters when you can use cameras, if you have internet you can easily get a camcorder

stop defending your legitness if you dont care to provide good evidence

Anonymous said...

Dr.fong is crazy you cant just say you destroyed an entire race you people need to come back to reality they are there until all of us know of there presence and destory them

Stan The Chosen One said...

THE REPTOIDS ARE BACK!!!! They were hiding under our feet and above our heads!!!