Russian scientists keep a dog's chopped off head alive with arcane devices!

Dr. Fong Says:
"No big deal, the Mi-go have been doing this for thousands of years. Plop your brain in a jar and it's good to go."

"Incredible video of a 1940's russian lab where a dogs head has been chopped off and kept alive by a strange and arcane device."

"The head responds like a normal dog (tongue moves out, blinks - but no barking because it has no lungs)! No body! Jump to 5:35 for the head part."


Jizmo said...


apb said...

did you watch the thing? It's not a head???

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think they used the wrong
end! But what was that tongue
like looking thing that moved in
and out?

Narasha said...

People are not as stupid as in 1940 and wont fall for that type of pathetic film trick again, and we haven't for a LONG time!