Slightly Mad Necromancer Seeking Forbidden Lore

Dr. Fong Says:
"Full and fragmented copies of these volumes are very rare and very unwholesome! Most of them deal with topics unsuitable for normal minded people. Inquiry into these books should be reserved for the insane and the aspiring insane."

"We at Dr. Fong's House of Mysteries are currently seeking the following volumes either whole or in part:

Book of Eibon
Book of Iod
translations from the Celaeno Fragments
Cthäat Aquadingen
Cultes des Goules
De Vermis Mysteriis
translations from the Eltdown Shards
translations from the G'harne Fragments
On the Sending Out of the Soul
Pnakotic Manuscripts
the Ponape Scripture
Revelations of Glaaki
Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan
Testament of Carnamagos
Unaussprechlichen Kulten
an acurate Zanthu Tablets translation.

We are willing to offer substantial sums for their procurement.

Please respond in the comments section or by email."


Osiris said...

Who is this "Slightly Mad Necromancer" of which you speak. I know of a few. If it's who I think it is, forget it, that psycho couldn't use the information responsibly.

Mezameccahba said...

I asked Dr. Fong if he could ask his audience about these books. I know many of his readers are involved in these circles and thought maybe one could help me. As to using this information "responsibly", not on your life.

Osiris said...

"As to using this information "responsibly", not on your life."

This was exactly what I was afraid of. This forbidden knowledge is far to dangerous to be entrusted to you. You seem to be quite mad, these ancient tomes are not for you.

Mezameccahba said...

If not from you then I will get them somewhere else. It's doubtful that you have any of the information I seek anway.