Strange Idol Found Deep in Louisiana Swamps

Dr. Fong Says:
"There are many strange things in desolate swamps and forgotten hilltops. Beware the nameless cults for they seek the return of the Old Ones."

" The statuette, idol, fetish, or whatever it was, had been captured some months before in the wooded swamps south of New Orleans during a raid on a supposed voodoo meeting; and so singular and hideous were the rites connected with it, that the police could not but realise that they had stumbled on a dark cult totally unknown to them, and infinitely more diabolic than even the blackest of the African voodoo circles."

"The figure represented a monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings behind. This thing, which seemed instinct with a fearsome and unnatural malignancy, was of a somewhat bloated corpulence, and squatted evilly on a rectangular block or pedestal."


Mezameccahba said...

This is reminiscent of something is saw in the mountains of Hungaria... a tall black stone with strange carvings running in a spiral up to the top.

Osiris said...

This is exactly what will be the downfall of modern society. The Swamp People are taking over. They breed like rabbits and spread disease that kills off the non-swamp people. They must be burned.

Dr. Fong said...

For once, I must agree with Osiris. Worshippers of this monster should be destroyed.