Nikola Tesla's Magical Free Energy Car

Dr. Fong Says:
Maybe he did invent a magical free energy box; the man did invent A/C electricity! I want to know what this "converter" box was converting.

"In the summer of 1931, Nikola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current and the holder of some 1200 other U.S. patents, along with his nephew Peter Savo, installed a box on the front seat of a brand new Pierce-Arrow touring car at the company factory in Buffalo, New York. The box is said to have been 24 inches long, 12 inches wide and 6 inches high. Out of it protruded a 1.8 meter long antenna and two ¼ inch metal rods. Inside the box was reputed to be some dozen vacuum tubes -- 70-L-7 type -- and other electrical parts. Two wire leads ran from the box to a newly-installed 40 inch long, 30 inch diameter AC motor that replaced the gasoline engine.

As the story goes, Tesla inserted the two metal rods and announced confidently, "We now have power" and then proceeded to drive the car for a week, "often at speeds of up to 90 mph." One account says the motor developed 1,800 rpm and got fairly hot when operating, requiring a cooling fan. The "converter" box is said to have generated enough electrical energy to also power the lights in a home."

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Osiris said...

Nothing is free. Tesla was a madman who wanted to get people in his "free energy car" so he could electrocute them and eat them.

D/C current is better anyway.

What is truely mysterious is what Tesla did to the electrocuted bodies before he ate them.....

Anonymous said...

It is truly amazing how much stupidity there is in this world.