Teaser Video from the upcoming CD Moloch & Friends

Dr. Fong Says:
Keep those Deep Ones away from me!

"This song is called "Insane Ramblings" and is from our upcoming CD, Moloch & Friends. It features spoken word by Osiris."

"The new CD, Moloch and Friends should be out sometime near Christmas and will feature insane tracks about all your (our) favorites. There are tracks about everything from deranged Moloch cultists to Deep Ones trying to destroy us."

Official Dogman Site!

Dr. Fong Says:
Congratulations to Steve Cook on his great new site. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Now you can get the word straight from the horse's mouth over at the Brand New Official Dogman Site. Get the facts from the man who started it all with "The Legend", the original Dogman song."

Steve Cook's great new site has tons of information about the history of the Dogman and even has a message board for reporting sightings of this mysterious beast.


More about the Michigan Dogman!

Dr. Fong's Glorious One Year Anniversary Extravaganza

Dr. Fong Says:
Thank you everyone for making this such a great year!

"Today marks our one year anniversary. It was one year ago today that Dr. Fong escaped from his Chinese prison cell and began his House of Mysteries, sharing the strange and disturbing news that you know and love. We have really had a blast this past year."

"A lot has changed since our humble beginning. We get hundreds of Google searches each day and we like to think that we provide some pretty interesting information for all those weary travelers who stumble in out of the confusion and boredom that is the rest of the Internet."

"Thanks again for making our jobs so much fun!"

Joe Rogan talks about DMT (NSFW)

Juan the Chamula
Interesting rant makes the psychedelic experience accessible to all. He seems to be highly influenced by the works of Terence Mckenna. I noticed a couple of direct quotes from Terence in there.

"Joe Rogan recounting his experience with DMT and his ideas on humanity."

"Rogan is a user and enthusiast of psychedelic drugs. Rogan once took the drug Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and, while under the influence, claims he had profound experiences of communicating with alien beings."

Joe Rogan Wiki

Victorian Corpse Photography

Dr. Fong Says:
Things have been a little macabre around here lately. It must be getting close to Halloween.

"This is something creepy just in time for Halloween! Back in Victorian times, it was, from what I understand, fairly common to prop up dead people and take their pictures; often times with their surviving family members."

Link to a gallery of lots more images

Tutorial: LED Throwie Dead Rat

Dr. Fong Says:
Amazing things they can do these days!

"Be warned, this is another extremely graphic tutorial featuring guts, dismemberment, and soldering."

"If you want to actually be able to throw your rodent and have it stick reliably, I'd advise more and stronger magnets in a variety of locations; just spread them around for maximum coverage. You could also make a magnet-laden outfit for your rodent, which would increase the effective power by omitting the insulating skin. Play around with it- this is the fun part!"

Link to the tutorial

Clarklake, Michigan Lake Monster

Dr. Fong Says:
I found this old postcard showing a caricature of a creature that had been seen in Clarklake, Michigan.

"The creature is most often described as being one to two feet in diameter with a length of 15 to 20 feet. The head has been described variously as being horse or goat-like."

"The early inhabitants of the area saw the monster as a malevolent entity. Indians claimed that the rocky beaches were sometimes covered with the parts of animals that they had attacked and ravaged. When crossing the lake during bad weather, the Indians always carried a small animal that they would toss overboard in the middle of the lake to appease the monster"