Dr. Fong's Glorious One Year Anniversary Extravaganza

Dr. Fong Says:
Thank you everyone for making this such a great year!

"Today marks our one year anniversary. It was one year ago today that Dr. Fong escaped from his Chinese prison cell and began his House of Mysteries, sharing the strange and disturbing news that you know and love. We have really had a blast this past year."

"A lot has changed since our humble beginning. We get hundreds of Google searches each day and we like to think that we provide some pretty interesting information for all those weary travelers who stumble in out of the confusion and boredom that is the rest of the Internet."

"Thanks again for making our jobs so much fun!"


Osiris said...

What a long, strange trip it's been. Good job Dr Fong, here's to another year and beyond!!


Alex said...

YAY!!! Congrats Dr Fong!

Memphis said...

That's some good and important you're doing here Dr. Fong congratulations on the anniversary!