Official Dogman Site!

Dr. Fong Says:
Congratulations to Steve Cook on his great new site. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Now you can get the word straight from the horse's mouth over at the Brand New Official Dogman Site. Get the facts from the man who started it all with "The Legend", the original Dogman song."

Steve Cook's great new site has tons of information about the history of the Dogman and even has a message board for reporting sightings of this mysterious beast.

More about the Michigan Dogman!


Juan the Chamula said...

Despite popular belief, Steve Cook DID NOT write the Dogman song. He merely transcribed it from ancient Native American tree bark scrolls that date back hundreds of years. And he wasn't even the first to do this. I, in fact, have a recording of Sammy Davis Junior performing the song from 1959. Steve Cook can make all the claims he wants, but eveyone with a lick of common sense knows that we have the indians to thank for the legend and the good Doctor Fong for bringing it back.

Cooner said...

...And so then the guy says, "That's no dogman! That's my wife!"

Osiris said...

Steve Cook did too write The Legend. Maybe ancient people knew of it, but he did the common, present day lyrics. Sammy Davis Jr., HA!

Could you imagine him singing a dogman song? hahahaha!!

Juan the Chamula said...


I've read your comments on on the "offical" Dogman site.

" Hello there, I believe we know each other through the halloween forum. I'm working on having the song removed, but I never kept my delete link so I have to keep reporting it as abuse. I will keep working on it and I'm looking forward to hearing the new version.'

Looks like someone is on the take now. What ever happened to fighting for the truth? Whatever happend to Osiris the outlaw poet? It is a dark day when the mighty Osiris bows down to Steve Cook, a personification of the ruthlessness of corporate America. As a person of native heritage, I am organizing a boycott of this new song unless Steve Cook fesses up and admits that the orgins of the Dogman go back far prior to his birth. We stood by when the white man took our lands and raped our culture. We will not stand by when this white man steals our song. We ask you to stand with us Osiris.

Osiris said...

Enough people downloaded the song. Talk to Dr Fong about it. I'm not getting a damn thing from the Dogman song. If Dr Fong finishes up the CD we are working on, you will see the light.

And you are just as white as me. The "Native Americans" didn't stand by when their land was stolen, they were to weak to defend it.

Your boycott is a joke.

BTW= You have no idea what's going on inside my head, so you just wait.

Osiris said...

Ohhhh, lets hear this Sammy Davis Jr. Version. Ohhhhhhhhh wait, it doesn't exist!

Juan the Chamula said...


We, the Chamulas, trust in your wisdom. If a plan is in formation we will be still and await. We only fear that Steve Cook has found an inroad into your soul and soiled that sacred ground. The work you have done and are doing with Dr. Fong is too pure to be tainted by the untouchables. Know that the Chamula nation is an ally, not an enemy. We all follow the same path and aim for the same ends. Peace be with you brother.

Osiris said...

I don't trust a Chamula as far as I can throw it. I don't want nor need the Chamula Nation as an ally.

The song is still hosted as far as I know, check it out.

Our paths do not cross, and that is for the best.

Osiris said...

We could peacefully co-exist. Just don't get all preachy. Nobody can find an inroad to my soul.


Osiris said...

Ok Juan, you have passed the test and I believe your heart is a good one. Please understand that one can never be too careful in this soul-sucking time on earth.

I have attempted to remove the Dogman song from its host as I feel the little bit of money paid for a CD of it is well spent on animal charities. The version I uploaded was an older version intended to spark interest in the new CD coming out soon that will have more than just the song and will also benefit our fellow life-forms.

That being said, there is no reason to try to do a Sammy Davis Jr. version, unless you just want to keep it for yourself and enjoy the delightful madness of it.


Osiris said...

Hey Juan,

Haven't heard back from ya. Don't be so rough on Steve Cook, he didn't steal anything from "your people". If anything getting the knowledge of the Dogman out there will show that you knew of these creatures for thousands of years. Of course you haven't been able to prove it, but you should leave that to us, we are better at actually proving things scientifically and producing things of value.