Demon Face Appears on Oven Tray

Dr. Fong Says:
Your house is filled with demons. You must run for your lives!

"Above is a bizarre one from Chris and Jean in Manchester, England and here's what they say - "I have just been browsing the internet to try and find somewhere I could post some pictures that were taken on Saturday 02 Sep 2006."

"Please let me explain, my wife and I got a Chinese take away on Saturday afternoon to have later in the evening. We put part of the meal onto an oven tray that has been covered in tin foil. Once we had finished the meal I took off the foil to wash the dish and found the following image on the dish.

"We have not got any idea who the image is, or how and why it appeared on our dish. Please let us know if anybody has any ideas."

Mystical Blaze


Janosz said...

He is Vigo! You are like the buzzing of flies to him!

Osiris said...

HEY! This isn't Ghostbusters II, this is a serious Demonology discussion. It does kind of remind me of the time I ate some bad Chinese take away food, though. I'll tell you, I was feeling some serious demons that night...

Rache said...

Okay, I can see nothing there, just a stain. Does this make me evil? :P

Dr. Fong said...

Well, I wouldn't call you evil... just not very good at seeing evil forces at work.