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Dr. Fong Says:
It seems like most of my readers are high.

"We are ready to believe you!"

Dr. Fong and friends are always looking for the weirdest stories submitted by our readers to publish here on Dr. Fong's House of Mysteries. We are looking for stories about encounters with aliens or strange beasts, psychic experiences or ghosts. Anything weird will be considered.

These stories should only be things that actually happened to you. No secondhand stories (ie "my friend's cousin saw...") and no stories that you later found out weren't so strange (ie "I saw a UFO that later turned out to be a plane").

Also, please let us know if you happened to be drunk or on drugs at the time of the incident. Not that this discounts your experience.. In fact, with the weirdest stories the people involved usually are.

If you would like your story to appear on Dr. Fong's House of Mysteries please post a written account of your experiences in the comments section of this post or send an email to drfong (at)


Keith Monroe said...

In 1974, I was cross-country skiing with my cousin in the woods of northern Michigan and I encountered something weird. We were moving along and all of a sudden we heard giggling coming from up ahead. It sounded like it was coming from two little girls but there was no one there! We were in an area of the forest made of very small trees so no one could have been hiding. We stopped and listened to them laugh for about a minute, then they stopped. To this day my cousin and I joke about the giggling "fairies" we heard in the forest that day.

We had smoked some marijuana at the start of our day of skiing.

You may put this story in your book if you like.

Osiris said...

99.9% of Dr Fong readers are high for the majority of the day, every day. This may explain the shocking lack of comments here on the blog.

Anyway, I saw a ghost once. I was driving through the neighbourhood I lived in at the time, after a long day of using LSD and Marijuana. I turned my head because of a sudden movement outside the car, only to see it was a floating apparition. I simply kept driving and it was gone the next time I looked over, but the person riding with me saw the exact same thing.

After we had seen this, we left the neighbourhood and I have never seen anything like it since.

Adam T said...

I was nine years old and I was in the passenger side of a car drove by my brother. My mom and sister-in-law was in the car too. It was around 9-12am as we drove down through Indiana headed to see my family in southern Illinois.

I heard a loud noise come from the sky, sounding like a huge metal door slamming shut and echoing across the sky. I saw a cloud light up and had a main light beaming down, with a yellow light circling it. I remember my brother looking at it saying "whoa!" and it hovered there in the cloud for a good 5-10 seconds and then zipped up quickly, dissapearing.

I am 100% convinced I saw a UFO that night. My brother saw it too.

I hense, beleive in UFOs. Ghosts... no.


Osiris said...

Well, you should believe in ghosts, they exist. I saw one.

Dr. Fong said...

I was once walking in a cemetary with some friends very late at night (3 am). We were walking and joking and we met this little boy. He couldn't have been more than ten years old. We stopped and talked to him for a minute or so and then continued on our way. After about ten minutes one of us said, "why was that little boy out here in the middle of the night?". After he said it we all realized that it was very strange. To this day I'm still not convinced that it WAS a little boy.

Anonymous said...

Just fund you website and it's fascinating! If you are into the unexplained and generally anything weird, I was wondering if you had heard of the Oak Island mystery? I'd love to read your take on it. You can find some details here -

Stan the Chosen One said...

I was in a car on the road on a foggy night. We could barely see 5 feet in front of us. The fog kept taking forms of men, I call them the "White Men", and when we ran into them they just dissipated. Drugs: N/A

Schwann said...

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Anonymous said...

I am an artist and seeing strange things in my waking thoughts is normal. In fact I thrive on it. But this was out of the ordinary because my wife saw them too....In my apartment in Iowa city I had stayed up for two days for finals.I saw out of the corner of my eye movement by the closet. When I turned on the light I saw nothing. Went back to bed again I saw movement I intentionally looked away and watched out of my peripheral vision an saw shadow like creatures rolling barrels into the closet. In my mind I thought they were barrels of tears.
There were about six of them they had long pointy ears relatively hairless bodies and very long fingers Edward Scissor hands like sharp too. they were about a eight inches tall. I told my wife the next morning and she said she had seen them too at night when she was really depressed and had not slept. She described them and I knew they were the same because I did not tell her about the Barrels.