Golden Tablets of Mysterious Origin

Dr. Fong Says:
Even I have been unable to decipher their cryptic writings.

I am fascinated by these golden tablets. Their pseudo-Egyptian writings intrigue me and I have been unable to translate even a single word. These appear to be something like the plates found by Joeseph Smith in 1827. His plates were described as:

"...engraven on plates which had the appearance of gold, each plate was six inches [150 mm] wide and eight inches [200 mm] long and not quite so thick as common tin. They were filled with engravings, in Egyptian characters, and bound together in a volume, as the leaves of a book with three rings running through the whole. The volume was something near six inches [150 mm] in thickness, a part of which was sealed."

Golden Plates

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Osiris said...

Dr. Fong, you know I am an expert on the subject of pseudo-Egyptian writings. You should have shown these to me once you noticed they were pseudo-Egyptian. I would be happy to take a look at them and decipher the cryptic writings...