Interocitors just lead to trouble!

Prof Brad Says:
"But where can you find a hat for that noggin?"

Howdy there Dr Fong readers!

Today I'd like to address a concern I have about you scientists out there building any old device that the plans for mysteriously land in your lap.

Have some restraint good man!

Just because some stranger happens to give you the blueprints to build an incredibly complex and advanced communications device doesn't mean you should!

You're building, and experimenting and then BAM! You've got mutants running around with claws for hands and giant heads with brains popping out all over the place.

Oh you may think it's cool but let me wave my pipe in your general direction in a non approving way. In fact I'll take it one step further with a stern frowning.

Mankind isn't ready for a bunch of Metalunan aliens relocating to Earth we have enough problems as it is with boy bands who may or may not be from other planets. But if you start letting the Metalunans in then you'll have a Mu-tant problem. I don't trust any species that can't wear hats or gloves.


Dr. Fong said...

Aliens? Mutants? Horrible Monster?

Will we ever be safe again Prof?

The Professor said...

AAhhhhhh my good doctor I would have to answer that with a big No.

Of course that could be the opiate speaking.

Dr. Fong said...

Even if it is.. opiates are usually right.

Anonymous said...

That looks like my ex-wife after
a tanning salon session.