"Moloch & Friends" Album Released Today

Dr. Fong Says:
Give some of the sample tracks a listen and let us know what you think.

The new album "Moloch & Friends" is now available at our store. It has 14 tracks and sells for only $8.99. It is full of really great stuff. There are lots of sample tracks that you can listen to at the store.

Moloch & Friends Track Listing

1 Snake Osiris
2 Troubles of Macon Dr. Fong & Osiris
3 Fear Osiris
4 Summer Camp (at Bohemian Grove) Dr. Fong
5 The Reverend DJ Sco Moe
6 Rambling Insanity - the Deep Ones Osiris
7 March of the Daleks Dr. Fong
8 Reptile-Humanoids Osiris
9 Theme from "Dr. Fong: Vision Quest" Dr. Fong
10 Silent as a Stone Osiris
11 Grave Danger Osiris
12 Summer of 2007 Dogman Remix Dr. Fong & Osiris
13 Dwell Deep Ones Osiris
14 Reptile-Humanoid Shocker

Listen to the new CD