The Practice of Headhunting

Dr. Fong Says:
They take out the skull, sew the eyes shut and boil them with tannins to preserve them.

Know Your Shrunken Heads...

1. This one looks like a local boy.

2. That's a monkey.

3. This one could be an explorer, but I'm betting it was a missionary.

"The Shuar in Amazonian Ecuador and Peru practiced headhunting in order to make shrunken heads and use them for ritual purposes."

Headhunting Wiki


Osiris said...

Those savages will do just about anything to the human body. I just can't see any legitimate purpose in this practice. Still, I would love to own one, are any for sale in the Dr Fong curio shop?

Dr. Fong said...

They do it for power!
Control a man's deformed skin after he is dead and you control the man.. maybe.

As for having any for sale, I know that many places sell reproductions.
We don't have any reproductions.

Osiris said...

Dr Fong, you know me, would I ever purchace a reproduction shrunken head? Let's be serious here, I want the real deal.

Neighbour Of Teh Hoors said...

They had a couple of shrunken heads (2 fake, 1 real) at our museum when I was a kid. The ancestors of the real ones turned up and asked to get it back...

Joyful Ministries, Inc. said...

Dear Santa:

We've been pretty good this year. Even managed to stop setting things on fire. Mostly. Anyway, the thing we want most for Chrimbo is a Do It Yourself Shrunken Head Kit. And a Unicorn. But mainly the DIY Shrunken Head Kit because we've got a coworker with the perfect BIG FAT HEAD for shrinkn'.

Thank you Santa.

You know where we live.

xoxo, JMI

Santa Claus said...

I cannot, in good conscience, provide you with a Shrunken Head Kit. You have still been quite naughty this year ( you know what I mean). A lump of coal is the best you can hope for this year. Also, it is CHRISTMAS, not Chrimbo; that is blasphemy.

Yours Truly,

Santa Claus

PS= I have been hitting the eggnog pretty hard this season, and I do know where you live, so watch it.