Straight From The Fridge, Dad

Prof Brad Says:
"Ha ha ha you fools!"

Yes thank you to the good Dr Fong for giving me the avenue to slip some heavy subjects on to you kids from time to time.

Now I understand you kids have your iPods and your mini diskette players and think that technology is hip and cool and indeed your friend.

If only that were true my young friends. It is the sad truth that your science and technology machines can very easily be perverted by blighters. Of course the threat to men doesn't just come from those on the wrong tracks chums!

Oh no, very few people would have imagined that our planet Earth is being watched across the infinite of space by envious eyes. Today I wish to alert you to a threat that is of grave concern and those with delicate dispositions should look away now to avoid a public display.

I speak of the Ro-Man.

Yes this nasty piece of work comes from outer space and is directed by the Great Guidance. To you and I his equipment appears to be little more than a dresser with a television screen. But do not underestimate he and his Calcinator Death Ray!!!

How ironic that science is the very tool to beat this scientific robot monster. Antibiotics developed by key Professors have proven to be effective against the fiends horrible Calcinator Death Ray. So do not delay, go and see your closest professor and get yourself immunised so that you too can protect our women and children from this threat from outer space!


Dr. Fong said...

I have been down lately because my ipod is on the fritz.

Now I think that its being broken may have saved my life.

Thank you Professor for this interesting report!

Osiris said...

Hello, and welcome to the Dr. Fong family, Professor Brad. You inspired me to blog about something that has been bugging me for years, but I thougt people would think i was a madman if I spoke out!

Dr. Fong said...


Is that a giant ape with a space helmet on?