Summer Camp (at Bohemian Grove) - Teaser Track from Moloch & Friends

Dr. Fong Says:
I made this song. I hope you enjoy it!

"This is another teaser track from our upcoming CD, Moloch & Friends."

"This song is called Summer Camp (at Bohemian Grove) and it tells the story of the Bohemian Grove out in California through the eyes of David Icke and Arizona Wilder. These two think the the world is secretly run by shapeshifting reptiles from space who need to drink human blood in order to maintain human form."

"People who go to the Bohemian Grove worship a giant 40 foot stone owl... for some reason."


Osiris said...

Instead of posting an endless number of "teaser tracks" why don't you just release the damn CD?

Dr. Fong said...


The public is now sufficiently teased.

Osiris said...

Endless = 2

Two teaser tracks and a plan to bury the TRUE content of the CD = Endless

Rupankar said...

Indeed you have a different kind of blog. keep it up.