Tasteless Halloween: Steve Irwin with Stingray Wound and Dangling Baby

Dr. Fong Says:

"We did Halloween in Elberta, Michigan this year. Boy did we have a great time! Our annual award for most tasteless costume was a no brainer this year."

"Our good buddy Tom showed up at the Halloween party dressed as Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter complete with bloody stingray wound and his very own baby to dangle."

"Too Soon?"


pitbull said...

yo yall r so stupid Steve is a nice man mate. i will take up for Steve he is my friend mate

Dr. Fong said...

Well Pitbull, what can i say? I don't doubt Steve Erwin is a nice man, though I have never met him. To insult us all for awarding this costume a prize for the most tastless Halloween costume is silly. You yourself even seem offended by it!

Osiris said...

All Halloween costumes are stupid, what's so disturbing about this one? Don't worry about it, you have other things to worry about. You know you are going to undergo an alteration that turns you into a Reptile-Humanoid, right?
That should make Halloween costumes seem less important...