All I want for Christmas is a little homunculus...

Huan Says:
Making clay figure no look like scene from Ghost...

Huan find lump of clay in cursed cupboard of the wandering soul with label reading 'homunculus clay'.

What you want homunculus clay for many may ask. I will tell you after perhaps you put Occult Weekly Magazine down... this no library!!!!! You buy magazine if you want to read it so bad!!!

Now back to clay. With homunculus clay I make little person who come to life and do plenty work for Huan. No tell Master Fong so he think that Huan do work work work all day and all night and not watch Men in Trees instead of dusting evil chalice collection.

You want buy evil chalice?

I have to mould small figure and breath life in and then it will obey all Huan requests. This make big difference to what happen now where Huan make request and get beaten over head with broom for my trouble.

Perhaps I go out and get little clothes for homunculus? Maybe visitors of Master Fong give name to homunculus??? What your suggestions?


dougiefresh said...

Cool site - linked from C2C. For the homonculus, how about "Peking" or "Mr. Sin"?

Doctor Fong said...

Huan, I let you do these things so you can hopefully learn something when they blow up in your face, or more likely when they smash you with giant stone hands.

Hm.. I don't know how to post links in the comments so I'll just write it out. That video should show you the dangers of golems. They are nice at first, but after a while they stop listening and smash you to pieces