Amazing B&W Fantasy Photo Exaggeration Postcards

Dr. Fong Says:
The thing that I love about these is that, for the most part, they look pretty believable even with no Photoshop. These are some of the best examples I have seen of this type of postcard.

Strange things have been happening all over the world! Plants and animals growing to amazing sizes and no one knows what is causing it. Some people think it's cause by some sort of radiation, others think it must be the work of dark wizards. People all over the world are terrified, though well fed by corn kernels as big as dinner plates and back bacon from pigs the size of dump trucks.

I have always loved fantasy photo exaggeration postcards. These cards are photo manipulations where photographs have been created to make animals or plants seem gigantic. The exaggerated images are then reproduced on postcard backs.

The above postcards are in generally fine condition and vary in price from $15 to $60 each. A price list is available upon request. You can click on the image of each one to view a much larger version. The postcards pictured here are still for sale and can be purchased by contacting me by email. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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These are cool!