Box made from the skin of a Chinese murderer

Dr. Fong Says:
A very rare and unique piece.

"The beauty of this chest is indeed only skin deep, for the rich, brown lacquer-like substance with which it is covered is human leather- made from the skin of a murderer executed in Amoy, China."

This is a very rare treat indeed! We just received this chest the other day on consignment and have not had much time to examine it.

A box like this usually has many magical properties. Why else would someone make a box from human skin, especially the skin of a murderer?

One thing I have noticed about this box is that it seems to be able to hold much more than it naturally should. In other words, it seems to be bigger on the inside than on the outside! Very peculiar.

This would be a fine addition to any collection of mysterious curios.

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Huan the Shop Boy said...

WHAT?!?!?! That's where i was keeping my socks!!!!

I will go and punish myself by sitting in the cupboard of a thousand wails for twenty min.