Chinese Opium Dens

Dr. Fong Says:
What's the matter with that cat there? Must be full of reefers.

Boy, you know things are getting bad when you can't even sit up to do a bong hit anymore! Daddy needs his medicine. Kitty needs his medicine.

In case you can't read the bottom of the image it says: "Chinese Opium Den, 614 Jackson St., Chinatown, San Francisco" and "The cat has also become addicted to the fumes of the drug".

"Opium dens proved to be a lucrative business for the Chinese all along the railroad route. Even a small stop for the S & P Railroad like Lordsburg, New Mexico, had its joint. In a phone interview, Jana Loo Hill, a Lordsburg historian, said that an underground den for gambling and opium smoking existed behind the recently demolished Hollen Hotel."

Chinese Opium Dens in America

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The Biscuit said...

We had a cat that became addicted to strawberry daiquiris. It was tragic. He'd take his paw and dip it in the glass to attain the sweet, sweet nectar, but after a few dips, he'd start missing the glass.