The Death of Snakefish

Dr. Fong Says:

Dear Snakefish,

We had so little time together.

You used to whisper secrets to me while I slept. You told me secrets of the dark subterranean sea where you were born and of the mad gods that ruled the world before mankind. Now you are gone.

In the old days, you would eat 30 live guppies overnight. Lately, you had become listless and insane; roaming the tank day and night searching for a way out.

You thought you would find freedom over the aquarium's high glass walls. Instead you found death; dried to a crisp on the desolate & unforgiving carpet of my living room floor.

I made this video tribute for you. It reminds me of all the good times we spent together... even if I was afraid to put my hand in the aquarium for the year you lived with me.