Demon Familiar Tetragrammaton

Dr. Fong Says:
What a useful little creature he is.

Please Don't Touch!

I acquired this powerful curio while exploring Oaxaca, Mexico a few years ago. There is a small demon that lives inside this piece of carved and painted wood. His name is Tetragrammaton and he is a familiar.

A familiar is a spirit who obeys a witch, conjurer, or wizard to serve and help them.

Although they may not be as intelligent as their masters, familiars are often at least as intelligent as the average human.
Tetragrammaton is able to understand spoken Spanish but cannot speak at all. We are working on his understanding of spoken English, but it is slow going.

Familiars can often perform domestic duties that today's busy wizard has no time for. Some can also can aid their masters in bewitching people.

Sometimes they can look like ordinary animals and can be used to spy on their masters' enemies.
These spirits are also said to be able to inspire artists and writers. Some reclusive wizards rely on familiars as their closest friends.

Creatures like Tetragrammaton are very rebellious and will not accept just anyone as their master.

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