Disturbing Hanged Dog Postcard

Dr. Fong Says:
Poor little fella..

This is a very disturbing postcard we found of a hanged dog. It says "Paying the Penalty" at the bottom.

Paying the penalty for what? What could the little guy have done to deserve this cruel treatment?

Some people I have talked to think that this is an elaborate taxidermy project, but I don't know.

We really would like to know the story behind this strange card. It's really quite a mystery. If anyone knows anything more about this postcard please let us know in the comments section.

The cancellation appears to say the postcard was was mailed in Blackpool in 1908. Sorry, this postcard was sold at our auction.


Haunted TUNA said...

OMG is that really a postcard?!
!!! So not right!

Doctor Fong said...

It sure is! Though I think it is some kind of sick taxidermy rather than an actual hanged dog. Though one can never be sure.

Anonymous said...

dude thats messed up!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor puppy, so cruel...