From The Gospel of Fong

Juan the Chamula Says:

Long ago in the land of the Chamula...

Long ago, when I was but a young Chamula, I happened upon an old man as I walked down the road to the Mayan ruins outside the village of Oxberlo. The sun was setting over the great hills and casted the old man's shadow out to greet me as I approached. At first I was nervous about this old man. I could feel he was a man of great magic powers. He could have been a wizard or even the devil as far I knew. But as I came closer, I felt my worries melt away into a feeling of tranquility and peace. I was transfixed by this old china man standing on the road to Oxberlo. I stood before him in silence, waiting for something, but not knowing what. I felt his eyes looking into my soul, carefully searching. Then he smiled and handed me a small leather pouch. I took the pouch in my hand, but did not look inside. The old man then pointed toward the hills. Then he vanished. To this day, I swear he vanished. While the Doctor claims to be a mere mortal, I believe he is the ancient Chamula god from the East spoke of in the prophecy of the Lost Turkey Swamp.

I knew I had to follow the old man's directions and left the path to Oxberlo and headed toward the majestic Chamula highlands. I journeyed into the sunset and then into the growing darkness. Then as I climb to the top of a hill that looked out over the jungle and on to the Gulf far farrd away, I felt as if a hand had taken hold of my shoulder. I knew this was the place to stop and to discover the gift the old man had granted me. I sat down upon a patch of soft grass and emptied the leather pouch into my hand. Resting on my palm was an extremely large purple mushroom of a kind I had never seen nor dreamed could ever be.

As I looked up at the stars and felt the warm gulf breeze brushing smoothly against my cheek, I knew for the first time in my life what I had to do. I put the mushroom in my mouth and swallowed it. Then I waited. I knew something was about to happen, but my setting and my faith in the old man put me at ease. Slowly I noticed the cosmos above me beginning to move. Then I felt as if the great hill upon which I rested had a heart beat. Then all around me I saw orbs of light moving in intricate patterns all around me. I felt myself holding back. I did not want to go into the realm of spirits that I knew lay ahead. Then the old man appeared again, breaking through the orbs of light. He took my hand and I let go.